Thursday, September 20, 2012

What a great mail I received.

So last month I entered a giveaway on and was surprised to find out that I had won a Vegan Conscious Box.. I received it yesterday but I was working my double shift so I was unable to open it till today.

                         Such a small box but so much stuff..
So what was inside??
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil. You spray this on your body to absorb the minerals.
Hurraw! Coconut lip balm (so good)
Happy squeeze Coco (orange mango) Coconut milk
100% Pure vanilla bean & cabernet  grape Body Cream
Funky Monkey (Banana with Acai) Freeze-Dried Fruit
Madecasse Chocolate 80% Coca
Vaska perfect lavender laundry detergent
Teeccino Maya herbal coffee and two tee-bags of coffee (vanilla nut, and hazelnut)
Goji & Thistle Nut Butter
Kelapo virgin coconut oil
Vega Sport Pre workout Energizer drink
C3* For stress Calm.Cool.Connected

I am so excited to try all of these..
Also in the mail I received my necklace from  Bashful Bliss Necklaces.
You can find them at
I love It..


  1. That's so cool! I love surprise mail - BTW Cait Chock is pretty much my favourite person right now - love the background!